RNAS Yeovilton, Arrivals Day - Friday 10th July, 2009
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I also found a few pictures online taken by other people that actually show Pete and I in some form or another:

Taken by UKAR Forum member JohnH500 Taken by UKAR Forum member SEMAE Taken by UKAR Forum member trebleone

I'm the one in the stand-out blue waterproof jacket. Pete is in the striped top next to me. That's my bike in the middle photo!

Apologies if anyone thinks I've used these photos unfairly. I've given as much credit as I can, and I'm about to email the owners for permission. I think everyone will agree that these are much nicer photos than mine, especially the Rafale in the middle. I'm trying to find the one I took at the same moment...

Actually, I had just taken this one:

And yes, he was very low over the fence!

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