Since I got my Sony Alpha A200 Digital SLR camera, I've been fiddling with the settings on it trying to get various photos of the night sky. This page is here to collate them all together. Click each photo for the full size view...

The ISS passing over Kingsteignton Weather Station
Mercury (top) and Jupiter (below), shortly after sunset from my back garden. March 2011 Jupiter with 3 of its moons: Io and Europa nearest, and Callisto further out.
Also faintly visible is Uranus. September 2010
Space Shuttle Discovery with the International Space Station trailing.
September 2009
Star trail first attempt Star trail second attempt & Iridium flare Star trail third attempt, with a disappointing lack of Perseids
10 minute exposure of Venus from my back garden. Twenty 30-second exposures combined using Startrails software. f5.6, ISO 100. Date taken: Wednesday, February 11th, 2009, 18:19-18:29
Venus - long exposure Iridium flare Nearly full moon
Stars Stars Stars

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