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Friday, Nov 7, 2008

More... Ideford Arch, outside Chudleigh. The road that is carried by this bridge is the old (now abandoned) A380. I finally got around to replacing the Geograph-sourced image that I used as the first test image for this site.

Sunday, Jan 29, 2006

More... The view from Haytor Quarry, looking down over Bovey Basin and Kingsteignton towards the sea at Teignmouth. The mouth of the River Teign (12 miles away) is clearly visible in the centre of the photo.

Sunday, Jan 29, 2006

Mysterious rock next to the old Granite tramway leading from Haytor Quarry. Apparently, according to my friend Dan anyway, the depression around it is due to sheep rubbing up against it as they moult their old wool. What that man doesn't know about sheep isn't worth knowing!

Saturday, Jul 16, 2005

A nearly deserted Watergate Beach near Newquay. In the distance is Griffin's Point, with Berryl's Point beyond.

Friday, Jan 31, 2003

A view from the top of the McKay building at South Devon College in Torquay. The headland in the distance is Berry Head, 6 miles away, and you can just make out the Coastguard Lookout station on the end of it. I was lucky enough to be allowed up here when I surveyed the site over 2 days in January 2003. Lucky because it's not there anymore - they demolished this building not long afterwards.

Tuesday, Jul 22, 2003

View from The Fort Inn in Newquay overlooking Newquay Bay. Taken on Holiday with friends in 2003.

Sunday, Mar 26, 2006

More... View from Humber Lane in Kingsteignton where it crosses the A380. The flat area of land in the middle distance is the Bovey Basin which stretches from Bovey Tracey at the foot of Dartmoor, to the Teign Estuary behind me. It is heavily quarried for clay. You can just about see my old school in this image!

Sunday, Mar 26, 2006

View from Teignmouth Golf Course looking out over Lyme Bay. On a clear day you can see Lyme Regis in the distance (28 miles away), although this shot is too hazy. Dawlish Warren and Exmouth lie either side of the mouth of the River Exe at the bottom of the hill. I held up a very angry looking golfer to get this photo.

Sunday, Mar 26, 2006

More... View from Teignmouth Golf Course looking towards Dartmoor. Chudleigh and Kingsteignton lie in the low area in the middle distance, which is the lower part of the Teign Valley. The sign points towards Exeter on the right, Bishopsteignton and Kingsteignton to the left, Teignmouth behind and Ideford and Luton in front.

Sunday, Mar 26, 2006

View from Haldon Hill, midway between the A38 and A380 looking out over Exeter. Almost the entire city is visible, from the Physics building at the University (6.5 miles) on the left, to the airport (8.5 miles) on the right. You can also see the A38 snaking its way past Kennford then turning into the M5 at Pearce's Hill, which is just visible 3 miles away in the distance.

Sunday, Mar 26, 2006

More... View from the foot of Saddle Tor with the River Teign glistening in its estuary in the distance (12 miles). A big rain shower is sweeping from the right.

Sunday, Mar 26, 2006

View from the base of Rippon tor, looking out over Halshanger Common to the Teign Estuary in the distance (12.5 miles). There is a heavy rain shower to the right of the picture moving left.

Sunday, Mar 26, 2006

The view from the base of Rippon tor, looking West out over Blackslade Down. In the far distance is North Hessary Tor (10 miles). It's too hazy to see the transmitter in the photo, but it was clearly visible by eye.

Taken by my friend Dan Metcalfe. View of the headland at Welcombe Mouth, south of Hartland Point in North Devon. According to Dan "I took this when I went on the cob course at Yarner and the strata in the rocks look cool as they stretch out to sea."

Thursday, Sep 29, 2005

View from one of the crash gates at Exeter Airport showing three very unusual visitors. 2 Corsair 747-236Bs nose to nose, with Transaero 747-219B keeping them apart. These are three of only four 747s ever to have landed at Exeter. The fourth was the plane that flew through a big cloud of volcanic ash in 1982 and lost all four engines. Miraculously the pilots managed to start them again and it landed safely (obviously). As my office windows overlook the approach they provided some interesting distractions. If you look closely, the far Corsair plane is missing its #2 engine. The Transaero plane is ex-Air New Zealand, while the two Corsair planes are ex-British Airways (the "36" in 747-236B tells you that) and are stable mates of the 747 that sits in the background while The Stig is blasting around Dunsfold Park on Top Gear. That is also the plane used in the latest James Bond film "Casino Royale", albeit with modified twin engine pods. Photo most likely taken on the 29th September 2005.

Sunday, Apr 23, 2006

View from Berry Head looking South towards Sharkham Point, the furthest of the three headlands here, behind Durl Head. Between these two headlands lies St. Mary's Bay. I didn't know it at the time, but I have since found out that the strange concrete lumps inside a secure fenced off area to my right are in fact a Royal Observer Corps observation post. It was manned throughout the cold war up until 1991 with the sole purpose of waiting for a nuclear bomb to be dropped and recording the range, bearing and intensity of the blast. They are not uncommon. There are another 2 surviving examples locally, one of which is within walking distance of my house and can be accessed. I think there were about 1600 scattered all over the country. None have been used since 1991.

Sunday, Apr 23, 2006

View from Berry Head looking North over Torbay towards Torquay (4 miles away). The rock off Hope's nose on the right is Ore Stone. What are the chances of catching a bee in the shot?

Saturday, Jun 10, 2006

More... View from the triangulation point under the mast at North Hessary Tor looking back towards Two Bridges. Bellever Forest (4.6 miles) can be seen in the distance towards the left.

Friday, Jun 2, 2006

More... Taken from the footpath between Hackney Marshes and the Passage House Hotel on the north bank of the River Teign in Kingsteignton. Built in 1975, this viaduct carries the A380 over the top end of the Teign Estuary. The other side is 370 metres away and the view from there looks like this.

Friday, Jul 7, 2006

Arrivals day for the air show at RNAS Yeovilton. Taken by my brother in law Al, this shows a Royal Air Force BAe Systems Nimrod MR2P. And Because I'm really sad, it's XV232 based at RAF Kinloss. This unique view was obtained just metres from the end of runway 27. We were about 20 metres off the centreline, so the noise is pretty impressive. Another view of this taken at almost exactly the same time made it onto Click Here. We (Me, Al and Pete) were stood just a few feet off the right hand edge of that photo. I'm a bit disappointed that we are not in it! The people with the blue and orange tent above the photographer's surname were the most offensive bunch of chavs you can possible imagine. Using the F word in anger at your kids is pretty shocking in my book and if you are reading this (assuming you can read at all), then you should be extremely ashamed of yourselves. Note, this aircraft is a stable mate of XV230, the Nimrod that sadly crashed at Kandahar, Afghanistan on 2nd September 2006, tragically killing all 14 on board.

Friday, Jul 7, 2006

A rather unusual view of the Red Arrows, taken by my brother in law Al, at RNAS Yeovilton. Even more unusual is that all eleven Hawks flew in in formation. Usually the 9 display jets arrive in formation, while the two spares fly in separately. The eleventh Hawk is obscured by smoke in this image. They are only about 100 feet above us here, so the noise and the smoke was incredible. Immediately after they cleared the airfield they all broke left in turn to circle and approach individually. As each one came over, without fail, all eleven backseaters waved at us. Great stuff.

Tuesday, Jul 18, 2006

More... View from Highweek church in Newton Abbot looking down towards the Teign Estuary. The spit of land poking out from the right bank of the estuary is Coombe Cellars pub 3.1 miles away. Cutting across the near end of the estuary in a straight line is the A380 Viaduct, see here and here.

Monday, Dec 26, 2005

View from the A381 at Bishopsteignton looking out over the River Teign Estuary across to Coombe Cellars. Taken by my Mother-in-Law Hazel.

Monday, Aug 28, 2006

More... Taken from Mardon Down on Dartmoor. The town in the middle distance is Moretonhampstead and the forest on the horizon extending right from the centre is Fernworthy Forest, 7 miles away.

Monday, Dec 18, 2006

Looking out over the outlying farms to the North East of Chudleigh. On the horizon is Ideford Common, 2 miles away. In between lie various farms including Hams Barton, Brimley Corner, Lower Upcott, Wadden, Crammers and Higher and Lower Dunscombe Farms. Some of these farms were home to school friends from the age of 5, so I spent a lot of time around here as a child.

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