Well, I'd soon get very bored if I didn't have anything to do, so next on the list is to get the Summer House sorted, ready for, well, Summer. I think there is probably a month or so before I can go out and do any serious work on it, but in the mean time, here are some photos as it stands today...

12th February 2007

Obviously the first thing to do is get a stronger, thicker, more watertight and more robust roof on it. I'll be thinking about that over the next few weeks. It's pretty exposed up in that corner so it gets very windy, especially this time of year. From about late May onwards though, we are usually out there most nights with the radio on, so it's worth spending some money on. We have already re-felted the roof once, but I've always intended on putting on an entirely new roof, and maybe boarding the walls inside. We'll see about boarding the walls... I'm not sure it's really worth it, but I will be adding two new windows to the front, either side of the doors, and I might also put one in the side facing the conservatory. I'm also (probably) going to make the new roof extend much further out, which will probably require some way of holding it down. some posts probably. Anyway, my third (and probably least interesting if I'm honest!) photo diary starts here...

27th August 2007
I've no idea where this year has gone. Probably something to do with having a baby on the way, or is that just an excuse? Anyway, over 6 months on from my last update to this page, things finally started to happen. I had three 8x4 foot sheets of oriented strand board delivered last week, and spent all day Saturday cutting and attaching battens for edging and strengthening pieces. By the end of the day I was more than slightly concerned about the weight of the new roof.

Regardless, Mel's Dad and I spent 6 hours today applying felt and fitting the new roof. The immense weight of the whole thing rather put a dampener on things, considering we had to lift it from the garage up to the top of the garden, even before we lifted it onto the summer house. Not much fun. Anyway, photos:

It's not quite as grand as I'd first thought, but it's water proof now. I still need to fit fascia boards, and screw some wooden battens along each side to hopefully stop the wind lifting the felt, Then guttering.

Thanks to Dave for helping all day.