My other website. Unsurprisingly it tells you the weather around Kingsteignton.
My friend Mike's site, offering guitar tuition in and around South Devon.
As above, one of the bands that Mike plays in.
...and the other band that Mike plays in.
Daniel My friend Dan Metcalfe's site. He's an architect/artist working in South Devon and across the UK and Europe.
Dave Brown - Vat Consultancy My father-in-law's business, offering advice on VAT relief for listed building owners throughout the UK.
My friend Paul's site, Devon's Premier Roadshow.
Radar Cloudless Realtime Aircraft Traffic
Hey, What's That? Create panoramas and viewsheds from any point on the Earth's surface, and view in Google Earth.
Torbay Amateur Radio Society A family member is a keen participant, and they like my Kingsteignton Weather site, so I'm reciprocating the link here. They have an extremely interesting site, if you are at all technically minded. Huge Plymouth-based "Content-over-style" local history site.
The best plane photography site on the web.
For spotting satellites and other lights in the sky.
The Straight Dope Fighting ignorance since 1973.
A massive amount of information illustrating Exeter from Roman times to the present day, with loads of photos and videos (not from Roman times though, obviously).
Online project with the aim of photographing every Ordnance Survey grid square in the UK
An excellent Dartmoor walking site with hundreds of photos.

A certain site devoted to all things secret and Cold War related did have a link here, but they gave me a bollocking for using their image. Never mind, if they don't need free publicity then they won't get it from me any longer.