Computer Aided Design

For now, I'll just add these images of 3D models that I did a couple of years ago. Hopefully I'll get some more up soon, with proper 3D views... For now, clicking each thumbnail will show the full image.

This is a rendered jpeg of an aluminium rear derailleur jockey wheel. Click the image for a full sized view. This model was created in AutoCAD 2000. The reflections from the chain plates make the wheel appear more faceted than it really is, but the overall effect is pretty realistic. 3D Model of this here.

NEW! - This model has recently been "printed out" for me. Yes, really. Click here for more details...

This is a rendered jpeg of a CD Jewel Case. It was modelled in AutoCAD 2000. The model also includes the disc itself, with a scanned image of a CD mapped onto it's surface, but I turned that layer off for this rendering. The image is a bit too dark, but I wanted to keep the light level low to avoid a big reflection on the perspex front. (Actually the material used was a modification of Glass). 3D Model of this here.

This is a rendered jpeg of a PC cooling fan. Click for a full sized view. The majority of the model was created in AutoCAD 2002, but I couldn't figure out a way to model the fan blades accurately. These were modelled in 3D Studio Max R3, then imported into AutoCAD. The colours are not accurate, most PC fans are black, but that wouldn't have shown enough detail. The only problem with this model is that the blades are surfaces, and everything else is made up from solids. Consequently the ends of the fan blades are actually open, although this can't be seen in the image. 3D Model of this here.



14th July 2011:

I made a small lisp file that interfaces AutoCAD or Civil3D with the mapping part of this website. Load openmap.lsp into you drawing, type openmap and click a point. Providing the point you click returns a proper British National Grid reference, my site will open showing the point you clicked in the centre of an OS Landranger map. From there you can use the tools provided in my site to show data from several different mapping providers, including old maps, local photos from this site and others, and more.

Download it here: OpenMap.lsp

17th May 2006:

I created a small utility in VB that converts simple .xyz format text files into properly formatted .dxf files. This was needed because I had a load of really huge point files at work that were just proving too time consuming to import into AutoCAD. Hopefully converting the data at a much lower level will speed things up a bit.

Download it here: XYZ 2